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500millibar blast doors

Blast Door Services

TFS-Defence Doors offer a comprehensive design, manufacture and installation service supplying the construction industry and the private sector with high quality steel blast doors manufactured in the UK. All types of blast doors are designed to the client's exact specifications, required loadings and supplied with independent design calculations to prove the blast doors design capabilities.

The door mechanisms depending on the required loading range from hydraulic multiple shoot bolt assemblies through to the lighter Surelock McGill multi point panic bar system with optional locking All doors are provided with sealing options ranging from dust seals and gas tight seals through to liquid viscous napalm seals. The blast doors are supplied with a full epoxy paint system or a primer finish for site painting by others.

Typical blast door type - high loading

Composite construction door leaf up to 400mm thick with steel plate to both faces.
Re-bar matrix welded to inner face of door plates within door leaf void ready for the concrete core.
Door leaf core back filled with concrete after installation of the blast door.
Hydraulic, pneumatic or manual multi point shoot bolt latching system to safe side of door leaf contained within steel cover plates.

This blast door is designed for on seat loading against the structural wall while the latching assembly takes the full rebound load of the blast ensuring the hinge assemblies are still functional after blast conditions have passed.

Centre hand wheel operation from either side of the blast door leaf and option of door seals.
Heavy duty angle frame assembly supplied with the blast door leaf, designed for casting into the concrete wall, this becomes integral part of the buildings structure. This frame contains the relevant connection points for hinge assemblies and receiving pockets for the latching mechanisms.

This door configuration is designed as a single leaf door blast door for extreme blast conditions, I have installed this blast door configuration on munitions storage facilities, hardened shelters and explosive manufacturing and testing facilities both in the UK and overseas

Typical blast door type - medium loading

Single skin plate door leaf up to 60mm thick determined by the blast loading with stiffening members as required.
Lever handle both faces for manual operation of a rack and pinion shoot bolt assembly to the leading edge of the door leaf, this secures the door leaf into the head and threshold of the door frame.

The door is designed for an on seat loading with the latching mechanism and hinge assemblies absorbing the rebound loads A heavy duty angle frame assembly supplied with the blast door leaf, this unit is designed for casting into the concrete wall becoming an integral part of the buildings structure. This frame contains the relevant connection points for hinge assemblies and receiving pockets for the locking system.

This door leaf construction can be used as a single or double blast door assembly. I have installed this door configuration on munitions storage, explosive manufacturing facilities, "soft targets" including Government buildings and communications command centres in the UK and exported overseas.

Typical blast door type - light loading

Double skinned composite steel door leaf construction with internal steel matrix and a thermal/acoustic core.
Door plate thickness and matrix member size to suit the required blast loadings.
External lever handle knob set as the Surelock McGill Leo unit and internal Surleock multi point locking system as the Surelock McGill slimline system - See

The door frame is a rebated design for flush fitting doors sets, these are designed for casting into a new structure or as a secondary fixed unit. These door assemblies are frequently as security doors and emergency exits in remote buildings.
I have installed this door configuration on CCR buildings on petro-chemical sites, communications buildings, Government buildings and light munitions storage both in the UK and over seas.

Uses: Rolling security doors can be utilised for home security storm doors, residential security doors, underground bomb shelters

Director's statement

"Twenty years ago I was designing, manufacturing and installing blast resistant doors on MoD installations, petro-chemical sites and Government buildings. The daily threat of terrorism is now global and necessitates these doors to be installed in a multitude of soft targets throughout the UK".

TFS-Defence Doors will provide your blast door solutions from personnel protection against accidental explosions on refineries to blast containment on munitions storage facilities.

Neil McDermid
M D - TFS-Defence Doors

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