CCAS ISO 9001 accreditation  

Ballistic Testing of Bullet Proof Doors and Windows

Bullet proof steel screens, fixed windows and doors

Tested to EN1522:1998 Classification FB4
Incorporating glazed panels to BR4 EN1063

A TFS-Defence Doors designed bullet proof security walling system tested to classification FB4 for protection against the following weapons

WeaponCalibreBullet TypeTest Range (mtrs)Bullet Velocity (m/sec)
Hand gun357 Mag.FJ1/CB/SC5430+/-10
Handgun44 Rem. MagFJ2/FN/SC5440+/-10

Bullet type FJ1 - Full steel jacket (plated) FJ2 - Full copper alloy jacket CB - Coned bullet SC - Soft core ( lead ) FN - Flat nose bullet

Designed as a full height security screen, fully or partially glazed to form a secure walling system extending from existing floor level to under side of existing ceiling height allowing infinite applications.

The introduction of intermediate posts and corner posts allows the construction of a “new room within existing rooms” forming interlocks, safe rooms, key rooms and secure bolt holes. As all panels are manufactured off site as a flat pack kits and installed with little more than drilling and bolting in only a few hours disruption is reduced to an absolute minimum and absolutely no building work required.

Test Shot Dead Centre

Test Shot at Door Handle

Test Shot at Key Hole

Test Shot at Window #1

Test Shot at Window #2

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