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Earth Bunding, Concrete Bunds and Bund gates - UK and Europe

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Environmental awareness and anti pollution legislation has seen an increase in the use of concrete and earth bunds on commercial premises and industrial sites housing liquid storage. Oil and fuel are the most common cause of water pollution and soil contamination damaging wildlife and rendering soil infertile

Current legislation demands all domestic oil storage tanks over 2500 litre capacity must now be bunded and under the Control of Pollution Regulations 2001 and all non-domestic dwellings with storage above 200 litres must have secondary containment bunds, now other liquid products require bunded storage facilities.

These regulations dictate high volume of protective containment but still require access into and out of these bunded areas for both service vehicles and pedestrians. TFS-Defence Doors standard flood gates are utilized as liquid tight bund gates allowing easy access in and out of these bunds.

As with our floodgates these steel bund gates have a variety of protective paint systems and seals available, these are determined by the liquid material the gate may be exposed to in its working environment, generally these liquids include oil products, aviation fuel,weak acids, ferrous sulphate and slurries.

On earth bunds where gates are required the construction of concrete wing walls is necessary and positioned along the access road. When these bund gates are used in concrete bunds the bund gate assembly mirrors that of inland flood defence schemes.

TFS-Defence Doors has been involved in the development of several bund gates recently, the details of some are restricted but they are now deployed in various power stations and re-cycling facilities un the UK.

Widespread flooding in rural areas results in the loss of live stock during major flood events, bunded areas with roof cover and bund access gates allow farmers to protect their live stock keeping them safe during these flood events, live stock bunding will be a major consideration in future years for low lying farmland, utilising the tried and tested floodgate design as supplied to the Environment Agency by TFS-Defence Doors will ensure the safety of valuable stock

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