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Blast doors and windows

Munitions Storage and personnel protection

Blast doors on munitions storage and personnel occupied building are designed to fulfill some of the following criteria:

Explosion containment

The primary function of the blast door and the surrounding wall is containment, in the event of an incident the door will remain intact ensuring the explosion is contained within the cubicle, this protects personnel in the immediate vicinity outside the building and stops the explosive transfer into neighboring cubicles thus preventing a possible chain reaction

Pressure venting

Under certain circumstances blast doors may be required to fail or vent rather than contain an incident and the design of the door may require it to a sacrificial part of the buildings structure. The pressure wave hitting the door during an incident will allow the door to fail at a specific load point and release the build up of pressure. This deliberate venting process will ensure the structural integrity of the building remains intact at the expense of the blast door

Personnel protection

On military facilities terrorism is a very real threat, operation buildings, central control rooms, hardened shelters and other key structures require blast protection to the external elevations, external blast doors ensure that personnel in the building are not only protected from a possible external accidental blast but also from a deliberate attack form a hostile source


By there nature steel door sets offer a formidable security barrier, the design of the latching mechanisms, hinges and security lock sets required to withstand a blast load ensures the doors remain secure on a site that may have the buildings situated in remote locations


The storage of munitions require a dry temperature controlled environment, during the construction of composite blast door set insulation and seals can be included to prevent sweating and cold transfer from the external face of the door to the internal face. This process ensures a stable environment for the contents of the building

Fire Rated Blast doors tested to BS EN 1634-1:2000 - 4 hours

TFS-Defence Doors have designed and tested a range of blast resistant double security doors sets, these composite steel structures will not only withstand the design blast load they been tested to in accordance to BS EN 1634-1:2000 for 240 minutes to withstand any fire that may follow an incident
[ Watch the video ] of the completion of the fire door test

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