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Electronic Security Products

Electronic Security

Tate Security Technology Ltd in partnership with TFS-Defence Doors has provided security solutions for over 40 of the 170 HMP/MoJ prison establishments. The Software Design Team at Tate Security Technology have over 22 years' experience with the UK high security prison industry as well as installation and services to the UK stadia market.

Electric Locking Systems

The Electric Locking solution provides a high security means of locking Vehicle Doors, Pedestrian Sliders, Chubb 3R63 locks and Hydraulic Vehicle Doors. Defence Doors and Tate combined provide a complete solution for both mechanical, electrical and software design, manufacture, install solutions These systems allow a complete control and interlock facility that provides an easy operator interface for the locking systems.

Video and Intercom Systems (Vidicom)

A safe means of identifying people and indeed the area around the person requesting to enter a door is important to any prison and secure environment. Tate Security provides a fully integrated Vidicom system with up to 4 master stations on a single 20 channel 1U high mux. This can be expanded to mean the clients requirements from 20 up to 1000 intercoms. Video is via a camera built into the Vidicom fascia and is supported with either and array of white light or infer red LEDs. The intercom integrates seamlessly into the Electric Locking system.

Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems (PIDs)

Security of a large area is paramount to maintaining the perimeter security. Detection of people, vehicles, etc. must be quick alerted to the control room staff to ensure the threat is reduced. The detection supplied can be Infra-Red, Analytics, Geoponic or Microwaves. All these solutions can be supplied and installed by Tate Security Technology. Full integration into the SMS (Security Management System) can be provided for.

CCTV Systems

Camera systems can be fully integrated into a Perimeter Intruder Detection system, part of a large networked camera installation or a small standalone unit. These can be built up using vandal resistant dome cameras or fully function cameras located on 12mtr cameras poles and placed around the perimeter of the secure site. Tate can provide the full turnkey package of installation from designing the system, installation, commissioning and hand over.

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