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Flood Gates, Storm Gates, Stop Logs, UK Security Products for the Environmental Sector

Flood gates and storm gates - Coastal

Climate change has resulted in rising sea levels, flood gates are being designed into the new sea defences all along the UK coast line. TFS-Defence Doors have designed and manufactured a bespoke range of watertight steel flood gates and storm gates. These floodgates are designed to be built into new concrete wave walls or as a free standing structure between existing wave walls. These floodgates and storm gates are designed to withstand forces generated by heavy seas whilst protecting coastal towns from flooding.

For more information and the floodgate photo gallery click on the following link, flood gates

Flood gates - inland

Adverse weather conditions and heavy rain fall is now common place across the UK creating regular flash flooding. TFS-Defence Doors have a range of steel flood gates designed specifically for the river defences being built by the Environment agency across the UK. These floodgates are incorporated either directly into new defence walls or secondary fixed flood gates bolted onto existing structures.

For more information and the photo gallery click on the following link, flood gates

Stop Logs

Demountable Stop Logs are an alternative to steel flood gates for improved visual impact on property and far less obtrusive then steel gates, these units have been designed to be fitted to virtually any property

The frames are face fixed or rebated into the existing floor flush with ground level removing any potential trip hazards. The specially developed closed cell silicone sponge gasket ensures a watertight seal to almost any surface, even rough or damaged brickwork and as the product is silicone based it is impervious to weathering and UV rays unlike some rubber based products.

The powder coated frames have been designed for minimal visual impact, the profiles have been kept to minimum section sizes and are aesthetically pleasing, unobtrusive and non corrosive and with the availability of the Ral range of finishes the frame can be coloured to bend into the background,

Neil McDermid For more infomation and the stop log photo gallery click on the following link, Demountable Stop Logs

For more information and the floodgate photo gallery click on the following link, flood gates

Flood Windows

Recently developed flood defence windows and glazed watertight window systems have now been successfully tested and installed for the Environment Agency by TFS-Defence Doors

The development of these water tight window assemblies have been specifically designed to imitate and replace existing UPVC windows falling below current flood defence levels.

These flood defence windows include optional side or top opening lights, glazed with laminated double glazed sealed units and internal K glass to comply with building regulations

All fixings using window assemblies are stainless steel and that window sections are finished in white powder coat

The design success was such the first flood defence windows required were approved by building control to be manufactured and installed on a grade 2 listed building - as the attached photograph. These watertight windows were installed to compete the flood defences where domestic buildings break the flood defence walls

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