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5 mtr storm gate

Flood Barriers and Flood Defence Solutions

TFS-Defence Doors offer a comprehensive design, manufacture and installation service supplying the construction industry and the private sector with high quality flood gates, flood barriers and flood defence systems, manufactured to an Environment Agency approved design.

The standard frame assembly will be reconfigured if required for each application customising the design and ensuring the flood gates meet your client's exact requirements.

Inland flood gates and flood defence systems

These flood gates are designed to withstand a static head of water with an overtopping safety factor of 200mm. In the larger river systems there may be a requirement for these flood gates to withstand an impact load from flood debris. Each flood gate is supplied with a comprehensive set of design calculations to prove the integrity of the structure and ensure it complies with the clients flood gate design specifications.

Protective considerations

Inland floodgates are supplied as standard with a full 400 micron epoxy paint system and a hot metal fire spray base coat. The epoxy paint system will ensure the steelwork on the gate is fully protected for a period of up to 25 years to first maintenance.

All of the unpainted component parts on these floodgates are supplied in zinc plated finish; these can be replaced with stainless steel if specified.

In areas with a high volume of traffic consideration should be given to replace the steel threshold plate with stainless steel.

Storm gates for coastal defence

Coastal flood barriers are subjected to high wave loading and impact debris thrown up by heavy seas and tidal surges. The design and construction of these gates allow for these additional loads imposed on the structure and are included in the design calculations that are supplied with each flood barrier assembly. Protective considerations

Protective considerations

Coastal flood gates require additional considerations due to the harsh environment. The abrasive nature of sand both in water and airborne requires an abrasion resistant paint finish to the steelwork. TFS-Defence Doors will supply flood barriers with an epoxy paint system designed specifically to prevent abrasion in the coastal environment.

Where impact debris is a threat to the exposed face of the gate it can be protected by a heavy neoprene skin mounted to the exposed floodgate face. This skin will be hidden from view when the gate is fully opened and locked back to the wave wall.

Component parts of these floodgates are manufactured in 316 stainless steel, all thrust race bearing assemblies are replaced with a marine bronze machined bearings.

In areas with a high volume of traffic consideration should be given to replacing the painted steel threshold plate with 316 stainless steel.

Director's statement

I have over recent years designed, manufactured and installed more than 300 steel flood gates for the construction industry covering the whole of the UK. As a leading flood gate designer I have seen climate change increase demand for this product drastically over the last 10 years and offer my experience and knowledge to guide you to your flood gate solution.

Neil McDermid
M D - TFS-Defence Doors

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