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Flood Defence Glazing

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Panoramic view of glazed flood defences

As flood defence schemes increase across the UK there is little visual impact of soft earth bunds that line the rivers as they run their course through open countryside. As these flood defences progress into developed areas these soft bunds change into hard structures to maintain the flood defence levels

This leads to the appearance of new flood defence walls being constructed in many of Britains towns and citys. These generally consist of a reinforced concrete core externally clad in a suitable brick or natural stone. The cladding material is selected to blend in with the immediate area and give the flood defences a more aesthetically pleasing and softer appearance

Where these new flood defence structures require access points for roads and foot paths TFS-Defence Doors is already providing Vehicular flood gates and pedestrian floodgates to close these gaps. Where these flood walls merge into buildings with existing windows below predicted flood defence levels creating breaks in the flood defence line TFS-Defence Doors has already designed and installed brand new concept of stainless steel flood Defence windows.

Examples of these glazed flood windows are in Carlisle, Derby and York area.

Inevitably these hard flood defence structures will impact on properties and areas over looking the water, these will include domestic properties but also business and resorts that also rely on un-spoilt views of the river, sea and estuaries to draw in custom, ultimately flood defence levels must be maintained

A compromise to a hard stone flood defence wall in such areas has led TFS-Defence Doors developing, manufacturing and installing a series of glazed flood defence panels and glazed flood defence screens.

Selected breaks in the stone flood wall allows the insertion of these glazed flood defences screens and offer a view through the glazed flood defence wall maintaining most of the original view over the water, as well as offering a suitable windbreak in exposed areas

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