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Flood windows all open

Working for the Environment Agency and their consulting engineers TFS-Defence Doors has recently designed and developed a prototype flood defence window for use on domestic applications. The proto-type defence system was recently assembled tested in our workshop in August 2009 and went into production soon after.

These flood defence windows are manufactured exclusively from non-ferrous material but designed to imitate UPVC domestic windows and are completed in a white powder coat finish to match existing. The success of the flood defence design is supported by approval from building control for the installation of the first 10 No units on a listed building

This flood window design includes a standard side or top opening light locked with heavy duty cockspur latches and a stainless steel casement stay for secure closing, the opening light when closed and locked forms a fully watertight seal.

These flood defence windows are glazed with laminated safety glass panels assembled into double glazed K glass sealed units to comply with current building regulations.

This unique flood defence window has been designed not only to take a static head of water but also withstand a debris and flotsam impact load of 1000 kg travelling at a speed of 4 m/s

These flood windows are drilled and resin anchored into existing masonry as standard window and then sealed with a two-part mastic system developed and tested at the same time as the window.

The first series of flood defence windows have now been successfully installed along with a series of floodgates ensuring the defence levels are maintained not only along the length of the flood defence wall but also where these defence walls are broken with buildings

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