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Explosion and Fire Containment, Personnel Security and Protection, UK Security Products for the Petrochemical Sector

Blast doors and windows

Explosive and flammable material sites

Blast doors on petro-chemical sites are designed to protect personnel occupying specified protected buildings, the doors are designed to fulfill some of the flowing criteria:

Personnel protection

On these facilities the volume of potentially explosive or flammable material on site is a very real danger, central control rooms, operation buildings, workshops and other occupied structures require blast protection for the people who occupy them. Blast resistant doors and windows are designed and installed into these hardened buildings to ensure not only the safety of site personnel but to protect the integrity of the buildings containing the control systems that run the facilities in the case of an incident

Explosion and fire containment

Blast doors are designed into buildings and battery rooms containing flammable and explosive materials, the blast doors and the surrounding walls are used to contain both blast pressure and fire in the event of an incident. The doors are designed to remain intact after an explosion and fully contained within the cubicle. The four hour fire rating on TFS-Defence Doors composite blast doors prevents fire from an explosion transferring into other parts of the building or possibly exiting the building into a hazardous environment


Blast doors constructed from steel offer a very effective security barrier, the hinges and multi point locking systems allows a variety of locking options from external lever handle lock sets keyed to differ to master key suites, swipe card entry or digital key pad. These locking options combined with and internal lever handle or a panic bar emergency device covers all security door scenarios combined with fire exit facilities


The occupied building on a petro-chemical site require a dry temperature controlled environment and generally a slight over pressure in the building, during the construction of 4 hr fire rated composite blast door set door seals and internal insulation are included to prevent external cold transfer and condensation to the inside of the building. This process ensures a stable environment for the electrical equipment contained in the building as well as the comfort of the personnel occupying the building

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