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There are currently more than 170 HM Prisons, Young Offenders Institutes, Detentions and Immigration Centres across the UK as well as the Crown, Magistrates Courts and Police stations serving these establishments.

TFS-Defence Doors offer a nationwide supply and fix range of high security steelwork to cover these facilities along with a worldwide export service supplying UK manufactured cell doors, prison doors, detention doors and grille gates to overseas facilities, All prison steelwork and components are 100% UK manufacture to the highest UK HM Prison Standards.

Standard Prison Products

  • HMP Standard prison doors
  • HMP Safer cell doors
  • HMP Dirty protest cell doors
  • HMP Disabled cell doors
  • HMP C&R doors (bullet proof optional)
  • HMP Grille gates and grillage screens
  • HMP Window grilles
  • HMP High security 24 hour enhanced window grilles
  • Fixed roof grilles and sliding roof grilles and hatches
  • Glazed security counters with document transfer units
  • Security windows and screens (bullet proof or steel panels optional)
  • Stainless steel glazed key chutes
  • High security steel door sets

The use of this security steelwork is not restricted solely to Government facilities, lock variations on the doors and grillage will allow these products to be used on any structure requiring a high security presence, safe in the knowledge the design and construction of this steelwork is used on the most secure facilities in the UK.

Cell doors and Prison doors

Composite construction, 2mm CR4 double skin steel plate wrapped and fully welded door leaf, internal steel structural core matrix with internal thermal /acoustic insulation. Optional viewing windows, food hatch, shackle hatch, inundation points, anti barricade facility and constructed to suit a lock of the clients choice. Manufactured in standard sizes or bespoke units to suit existing openings with HM pivot assemblies or continuous hinge assembles available.

C & R (control and restraint) High Security Doors

Composite construction security doors, 2mm CR4 double skin steel plate wrapped and fully welded door leaf, internal steel structural core matrix with internal thermal /acoustic insulation. Optional viewing window port with available with laminate or bullet proof glazing. This door is suitable for electric or manual locking and constructed to suit the clients lock requirements. Brush strip and rubber sealing assemblies for external use. Manufactured in standard sizes or bespoke units to suit existing openings or as an integral part of TFS-Defence Doors glazed security pertitions

Glazed Security screens, partitions and secure rooms

Full height double paneled screen, fully or partially glazed security screen assemblies designed to lock together to form an infinite and secure walling system from existing floor level to under side of existing ceiling height. With the introduction of intermittent posts this design has the facility to introduce corners into wall. This system as been designed to accommodate C&R doors, cell doors or security doors into the wall assembly and with the introduction of corner posts allows the construction of a new room within a room and an option for electric locking or manual locking on the doors

Used not only in the prison industry this system will create free standing secure rooms or cells suitable as control rooms, interlock facilities, detention cells, search areas, safe rooms or bolt holes - the list is infinite. As all panels are manufactured off site as a flat pack kit and installed with little more than drilling and bolting in only a few hours disruption is reduced to an absolute minimum with no building work required.

The panel system is universal and allows the use of many materials as the fill depending on your security requirements, the system will accommodate from 6.5mm laminate glass up to 36mm bullet proof glass, 8mm lexan marguard or solid steel plate or combinations of any of those listed

Grille gates

Double or single gate assemblies manufactured to UK Home Office Standards supplied with an independent frame as a free standing structure or bolted to existing walls as a security gate. The matrix construction consists of flat bar horizontals at 450 centres with round vertical bars passing through the horizontals at 150mm centres. A fully weld construction and optional locking facilities for manual or electric operation

Sliding security hatches

Double skinned and insulated panel or security grille matrix hatch assembly running on 4 No 100mm diameter wheel assemblies, pressed steel frame assembly to form guide rails, stop bars and locking plate. Sliding hatch incorporating a Chubb lock case for a sliding grille grab latch lock assembly or simple padlock facility. Optional finish in galvanised steel or primer painted

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