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Stop logs and flood barriers

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UPVC stop logs

Where steel flood gates or flood doors have an unacceptable visual impact on a property an alternative flood defence solution to permanent flood gates are demountable stop logs.

These flood barriers offer a lightweight, strong and rapidly deployed flood protection system that is both unobtrusive and non corrosive.

The stop log frame assembly is permanently fixed and rebated onto the floor to remove trip hazards and carefully positioned to minimise visual appearance. The stop log panels are stack in multiples of 200mm allowing you to increase or decrease the level of flood protection in seconds as water levels rise and fall.

All components and seals are impervious to salt water and pollutants ensuring long life and a guaranteed water tight barrier when they are deployed. The silicone sponge gasket ensures the stop logs maintains its watertight integrity on almost any surface, has an excellent recovery rate and is UV stable .

This flood defence system has been tested to a depth of 1100mm and a water pressure of 3.4 tonnes and carries a BS kite mark PAS 1188-1 and a patent design. Static Testing - 3 feet deep for a period of 48 hours. Wave test. 3 feet deep and 4 foot waves for 48 hours. Current test. 3 feet deep with a flow of 6000 gallons per minute for 48 hours.

Single stop logs are available up to a width of 2.5mtrs, after this width the flood barrier requires removable posts at 2.5mtr maximum increments.

The flood barriers are installed with on seat water pressure (water pushing the stop log onto the frame) and retained by a quick action clip assemblies.These can be used as flood defences to protect window, doors, patio doors, garage doors and and driveway entrances. Water tight air brick covers are also available to protect your propery from the ingress of flood water through these openings.

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