Customer needs are often varying and sometimes completely unique.  Using our established design principles, we can meet these requirements by developing project-specific bespoke solutions applicable to a wide range of different sectors.  Below are some examples of such products.

Ballistic Products

Tested to EN1522:1998 Classification FB4 and incorporating glazing panels to BR4 EN1063, we have designed a specialist bullet-proof security walling system against handgun use.

Designed as a full-height security screen, fully or partially glazed to form a secure walling system, extending from existing floor level to the under-side of existing ceiling height to allow for infinite applications.

The introduction of intermediate posts and corner posts allows the construction of a new room within existing rooms, forming interlocks, safe rooms, key rooms and secure bolt holes.  As all panels are manufactured off-site as flat pack kits and installed with drilling and bolting taking only a few hours, disruption is reduced to a minimum and no building works are required.

Oil Bund Containment

Oil leaking from transformers and large equipment can create environmental emergencies and significant cleanup costs.  We have developed bespoke gates and systems with specific seals used to contain oil in such an emergency, significantly reducing the risk oil spillage and preventing emergencies from arising.