As well as the weight of the static head of water there are wave and current forces to consider. Moreover there is the very real prospect of floating debris impacting the flood door during a flood event. The product needs to have the design ingenuity and durability to withstand these forces. However the door will primarily be used for access – whether pedestrian or control access – meaning that its function must meet the ergonomic standards people are used to through operating doors of many different varieties every day.

Working closely with our utility customers and supply chain, we have developed an exciting range of flood doors purpose-built to meet the exacting task of protecting against a flood passively – ensuring a comprehensive defence whilst operating like a normal door.

All our doors incorporate a purpose-built locking system to ensure optimum seal pressure is maintain regardless of the flood conditions and potential weaknesses that could be affected by debris impact have been identified in design and strengthened accordingly.

Our range features a range of innovative products designed to meet our customers’ needs. This includes a dual-access door – a product with a door leaf designed within the main door leaf to allow for access during a flood – and a double door with a removable centre-post – allowing for large equipment to be passed through the doorway whilst also providing a critical sealing point in the centre of the opening.

We also incorporate bespoke requirements into the design of our doors at the behest of our customers. This includes glazed panels within the door leaf, louvers for ventilation and specific locking mechanisms to integrate the door into a security network.

We have also developed a range of LPS 1775 SR3 & SR4-rated security doors.