Recent and ongoing climate change has seen quite dramatic changes to sea levels and weather patterns giving rise to the need for sea defences along the coast line.  Defence Doors have developed a unique range of flood gates and storm gates to prevent water ingress through storm surges and coastal flooding.

The steel structures are designed to be cast into concrete wave walls or alternatively as free-standing structures erected between existing wave walls, designed to withstand forces generated by heavy seas whilst protecting coastal areas from flooding.  These flood gates are subjected to high wave loadings and impact debris – they are therefore specifically designed to withstand these forces and finished in abrasion-resistant epoxy paint to prevent superficial damage.

Heavy rainfall also regularly creates flash and prolonged flood events.  We have designed a range of steel flood gates specifically for use in such flood events.  Like coastal defences, these defences are either incorporated directly into new defence walls or as secondary fixed flood gates onto existing structures.  We design these products to protect against a significant static head of water and wave motions during a flood.

Each flood gate is of bespoke design and backed by a comprehensive set of design calculations to verify the integrity of the structure and to ensure compliance with client and design specifications.

Sliding Gates

Our latest innovation is the development of a sliding gate that can be used across the breadth of product range: from gates to protect from coastal and inland flooding, to security use on critical infrastructure and prisons.

The sliding gate operates on a rail alongside the adjacent wall create a key advantage over traditional gates, circumventing issues with existing access conditions and ground levels.

Flood Doors

To provide passive flood defence solutions to industrial and utility buildings at risk of flooding, we have developed a range of fully integrated flood doors.  A heavy-duty seal can be incorporated into either the door frame or door leaf and our unique and innovative locking system forces pressure on the seal whilst maintaining an operational standard of a normal door.

In partnership with Total Flood Solutions Ltd, our flood doors are bespoke designed to the client’s needs and can incorporate a variety of design features,  including flood glazing, double-leaf door with a removable centre-post, an access hatch or security-rated to LPS 1175 preventing intruder access.

Flood Glazing

In projects that require a comprehensive defence system whilst also meeting strict aesthetic requirements, our flood glazing system can be used to meet the brief.  Designed to be installed in small sections or long stretches of riverbanks or coastline, the toughened glass can withstand significant impacts and loadings whilst also providing an impressive appearance.

We also have a range of flood windows that can be integrated into existing structures.  These are critical in situations where a clear view is required inside or outside a structure that is at flood risk.