The absence of a vertical structure onto which the product can be fixed renders most typical flood defence products useless. Working with our customers in the electrical utility market, we developed a method by which exposed equipment could be protected – a flood kiosk.

Designed to be fixed and sealed around individual or multiple items of equipment, the cabinet creates an enclosed flood-proof environment protecting whatever it may contain. Appropriate access panels are designed into the cabinet to prevent any negative impact on its normal function.

For equipment that needs to be fully enclosed for security or operational purposes, a flood-proof kiosk can be put to effective use. The system is fully enclosed with a roof and a flood door is installed for access. We’ve installed flood-proof kiosks in a range of applications, including water utility sites to defend boreholes or water sampling equipment or for housing critical electrical equipment.

Our kiosks are also available as security-rated to prevent intruder access.