The need for security flood products was primarily from the increased risk of terrorist activity in the UK. If a malicious intruder were to gain access to a potable water site the results could be disastrous. Similarly if flood water were to contaminate the water supply for a large number of homes it would result in a national emergency.

We began development immediately, testing thirteen new products and spending over £500k developing the range. By July 2013 we received our first certification from British Research Establishment to manufacture security-rated flood products – the first of their kind in the UK.

The products were developed using the existing product range as a baseline, however significant design changes were required to strengthen the products to a suitable level for the testing. This brought challenges of its own, with the increased weight of each product affecting the operation of the flood seal technology. These issues amongst many others were resolved during a rigorous design development process.

Products available as security rated include single, double and dual-access flood doors and kiosks.