Every single defence product we design and system we use is subjected to an intensive test programme, giving us and our customers assurance that when a scenario should arise their asset protection will withstand it.

Technology and Materials

Defence Doors are constantly looking to use the latest and most innovative technology and materials available. This would include the use of hydraulic and pneumatic systems to aid ease of use and functionality across our product range.

World Events

Defence Doors constantly monitor world events. In today’s world where the threats are not only man made but natural too. There is a constant need for new and innovative defence designs that can be applied in many scenarios.

Terrorist Threat

Having a range of ballistic and explosion proof products allows us to further research ways of making these designs more dynamic and quicker to assemble should the need arise. Protecting not only people but assets from this form of attack is something that drives us here at Defence Doors.

Global Warming

With global warming becoming more apparent, sea levels are rising and this will inevitably lead to more flooding. Defence Doors has a range of flood prevention products available to both commercial and domestic customers. We are constantly running scenario tests with 3D simulations along with trying new ideas to improve on our already impressive selection of flood defence products.

Scientific Advances

As science finds new ways of developing ballistic technology, Defence Doors  will always look to update and test our own range of products to meet the fluid and dynamic changes of these possible scenarios.